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Shipment Guide

William Sons Corporation offers an extensive array of worldwide courier services, partnering with renowned providers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, SKYNET, DPEX, DPD, VIA, EMS, and AMS. The selection of the appropriate courier service hinges upon various factors, including the consignment's destination, weight, and dimensions, given that each service provider presents distinct pricing structures. William Sons Corporation assists clients in pinpointing the optimal service tailored to their specific needs, leveraging vast expertise spanning across nearly all continents, with the exception of Antarctica.

In the process of selecting a courier service for a particular shipment, several essential considerations come into play. These encompass factors such as reliability, urgency of delivery, and budgetary constraints, as rates fluctuate among courier companies and are influenced by variables like destination and package specifications. Generally, lower rates per kilogram imply lengthier delivery durations, while higher rates correlate with expedited deliveries.

In addition to its courier services, William Sons Corporation facilitates cargo services, offering economical solutions for shipments with substantial weight or volume, typically commencing from 100 kilograms. Air cargo services, sourced from cargo companies based on airline availability, present a more cost-effective alternative compared to courier services. However, air cargo shipments are customarily dispatched to the nearest airport, affording clients the flexibility to arrange for their release independently or through an appointed agent. Conversely, sea cargo services emerge as the most economical choice, featuring delivery timeframes spanning 4 to 5 weeks to major ports. Clients can likewise oversee the release of their sea cargo consignments autonomously or through a designated agent.